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 WELCOME!  In 2020, the Barber Lounge celebrated 20 years of service to upstate New Yorkers at 1775 Western Avenue. 

As a men’s hairstylist, I provide salon services for men that reflect their personal man-style.

I am an artist first and everything else just flows.

— Michael John
Owner, Michael John


Services include: haircut, wash, style, edge-ups, and facial grooming. At present, due to COVID-19 restrictions, facial grooming services may vary due to government compliance and CDC guidelines/restrictions.


After hours, the barber shop transforms. We jam, we laugh, we chat. Free to the public, tune in to enjoy the music and common-unity.


In compliance with New York State and CDC COVID-19 guidelines and to ensure the safety of our clients and community please review the following changes.

What Makes Us Unique

 “Unique, personalized, artistic experience”
–Dr. S. Sokaris

HAIR, MUSIC, and LOCAL CULTURE. The barber lounge has always been a place where I feel I do my best work. As a downstate native, my goal was to bring a little village vibe to Upstate NY.  

My clients enjoy the chill environment where they can be themselves, all while getting a top-of-the-line haircut and style in a one-of-a-kind barbershop.


By Appointment Only. No Walk-ins.






5 years old and under


prices vary according to work performed

Barber lounge unplugged (blu)

In 2014, BLU made its debut in a national broadcast by PBS A House of Arts as a venue/platform for original music and artistry in the capital region. 

Since then, BLU has evolved from a music venue to a platform for original music, local culture, and great conversations. Follow us on our social media for our live streams. If you wish to jam, be featured, or host your own show fill out and submit the interest form.

Client love

Michael Teal
Michael Teal
June 15, 2022.
Amazing experience! I enjoyed the atmosphere, conversation, and how the haircut turned out. I will return the next time I am in town.
Joshua Hull
Joshua Hull
May 27, 2022.
If you think the place is cool, wait till you meet Michael. Super awesome guy, and really down to earth. His haircutting and styling is top notch! He even gave some advice on hair thinning. Practically talked his ear off (sorry Michael). Looking forward to being a regular here!
Larry Zimbler
Larry Zimbler
April 7, 2022.
Michael John is an excellent barber. He is professional and has a great ear. Talking with him helps me feel grounded and healthy. Thank you fir all you do.
Alija Maslesa
Alija Maslesa
March 24, 2022.
Great experience! Love that you can book an appointment online through Michael's website. The convenience of being able to see available dates & times that work with my schedule is awesome, and his hours of operation are convenient as well, good to know I can finally get a haircut after work during the weekday. Michael is also an easy dude to talk to and keep a conversation with, and it's nice to get his professional input on the type of hair cut you want. Also, the atmosphere of his shop is nice, definitely like the low-key and chill vibe he has going on. Think I've finally found my new barber. Oh, and the haircut came out great 👍
Castiel Ferguson
Castiel Ferguson
March 16, 2022.
Called within time of my appointment— no answer. Called 8 minutes into my appointment time— no answer. Got an email that my appointment canceled, website clearly states “No Call, No Show” then there will be no future appointments. The reviews make this shop sound amazing. On the other hand the experience and email exchange for me says otherwise. Find a place that answers their phone and can speak human to human.
Michael Howard
Michael Howard
February 27, 2022.
Michael is an amazing haircutter and person. His positive energy flows through you as he does his magic with your hair. I love him.
Matt Dibble
Matt Dibble
January 12, 2022.
Michael John is the man and you will not get a better haircut anywhere else. I've been going here since 2015 - a year ago I moved 30 minutes away and still make the drive for every haircut.
Elijah joseph
Elijah joseph
January 1, 2022.
I didn’t go into the shop yesterday with any clear cut idea in my mind on what kind of hair cut I wanted. I’d previously grown my hair out for nearly 2 years due to a terrible barber butchering my hair, but have a job interview coming up and decided to cut my hair. Just about any hair cut or style was going to shock me at that point, and I even said that to Michael before mentioning an important job interview on Wednesday and left the rest to his expertise. Michael John is an artist. He doesn’t brag about how well he can cut and style hair like most place I’ve been too, he just makes you look great, and gave me the cut I wanted without even knowing it! He’s a master at his work! I mean, the way he thinks everything through, from how it’ll fall when dry, how much movement does the cut allow for, the way the customer will look with the cut, and even how it’s going to grow out, while making sure you look great and feel great after! I mean, really, the amount of consideration he put into this cut blew me away! The vibe in his shop is second to none, you almost feel like you’re relaxing at home, or at a nice music lounge! Michael is friendly, relaxed, and down to earth. It’s not like the traditional barber shops and stylists that I’m used to going to, and I absolutely loved it! The shop also observes COVID guidelines , Which is nice for anyone who’s worried about that! I can’t recommend the Michael John barber lounge enough! Appreciate the amazing cut Michael, see you soon for a shape up, you just got yourself a new regular!
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