Barber Lounge Unplugged (blu)

“Music is life’s only true magic.” – Bruce Swedien

In 2014, the Barber Lounge Unplugged made its debut in a national broadcast by PBS A House of Arts as a venue/platform for original music and artistry in the capital region.

Since then, I have evolved from a music venue to a platform for original music. Follow us on our digital media for live streams.

The Barber Lounge Unplugged represents my journey with life, music, community, and originality. It is my heart and soul. AND how I live my art and share what I do. If this brings others pleasure, it’s a beautiful outcome.


You can see past performances from original artists uploaded to our page. If you wish to jam, be featured, or host your own show fill out and submit the interest form below.


Are you interested in performing at the Barber Lounge Unplugged? Fill out the interest form and we’ll get back to you to discuss further.

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