"There are two types of people in the world, ones who push towards their personal greatness and those who just exist. I was raised to push towards my greatness everyday."
— Michael John
Owner, Michael John as a kid dressed up as music group member from Kiss

aS a kid

I realized I wanted to be a rock star. On my tenth birthday, my cousin, a luthier, put my first guitar in my hands. It was my destiny. It just felt right. With the money earned from my paper route, I could afford a few lessons. I spent the rest of the time teaching myself to play. I knew music was my passion. My Dad recognized my artistic talent. As a practical, old-school guy, he pushed me into the family business of cutting hair so I could support my art. 

My Dad

He passionately believed that I should follow in the footsteps of my Uncle Vinny, one of the best hairstylists in Long Island. Personal stylist to the stars.

Michael John as a kid standing with father and grandmother
Uncle Vinny, wearing white shirt and shades

my uncle vinny

My uncle Vinny was famous in our family for his ability to provide men with great man-style.  A renowned hairstylist, he was well known for his John Travolta hair. Men left his chair flexing down the streets of New York feeling on top of their game. Every man wanted to be cut and styled by my uncle Vinny.

a legacy

Following in my uncle Vinny’s footsteps, I discovered my father was right. I too shared my uncle’s same talent; making men look and feel great. Before he died, my Uncle Vinny passed down his famous Louis Vuitton scissors with a case to match. Although my uncle has since passed away, his spirit lives on in my work.

Grooming kit given to Michael by Uncle Vinny
Michael John and his dad in 2015

in memory

My Dad, my mentor, and my best friend passed away on October 15, 2019.  I love you Dad and I will always be grateful for you pushing me towards my greatness.

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